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The Norwegian Journal of Development of the International Science is a leading scientific publication that provides a platform for researchers, academics, and students to showcase their latest discoveries and insights to a global audience. Our journal, established in November 2016 with support from the prestigious Norwegian Academy of Science, publishes 24 times a year and covers topical issues in the field of science. By submitting your article to our journal, you'll benefit from unparalleled exposure to a broad audience of scientists, academics, and industry professionals, helping you to establish your reputation in your field and advance your career. Our commitment to cutting-edge research and development, combined with our up-to-date knowledge of the latest SEO best practices, ensures that your work will be seen by the right people at the right time. So why wait? Submit your article to the Norwegian Journal of Development of the International Science today and join the ranks of esteemed authors in our publication.

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The journal publishes articles in the following areas:

All articles pass through the procedure of reviewing by the editorial board. The journal publishes scientific articles, reviews, critical reviews, and other materials.

The journal is international in the essence and scope.


  • Leading scientists;
  • University professors;
  • Graduate students;
  • Students;
  • Foreign researchers;
  • Scientists;
  • Applicants for degrees.